One of every pastor's roles is to share the lessons the Bible offers us in the form of a sermon that relates its instruction to key aspects of our lives.  A good pastor works diligently to deliver engaging and insightful sermons to guide congregations and educate its members.

We invite you to view our recent sermons so that you may learn from these teachings from the comfort of your own home.  These sermons also serve as an excellent starting point for group discussion or home Bible study.
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The scriptures form the foundation of the things we need to know to live according to God's will.  Like any lesson, these teachings should be studied on a regular basis.

The Bible's teachings are easy to understand but we must dedicate time away from other diversions so that we may open our hearts and minds to its message.  We recommend joining a local Bible study in your area, or if you can't find one, start your own!

Many of our members have gone from starting their own Bible study groups to forming their own churches.

A local Bible study group is an excellent way to connect with other Christians and celebrate the Lord with friends and family.