The word of God is meant to be shared.  When more people hear His message, our world becomes filled with His love in new and wondrous ways.

We continually invest in online outreach programs to help our faith grow among the global community and to serve those who need God the most.  We invite you to take your faith to the next level by participating in our minister outreach program.  When you hear the calling, it is time to act, and the time to serve the Lord is now.

Providing comfort when God calls His flock home.

Sadly, sickness and death are a part of life.  Death marks the end of our journey on Earth but the beginning of our eternal peace in heaven.  This transition can be peaceful or frightening, but with God by our side to comfort us as we come home to His kingdom, one's passing becomes less painful.

The moments as death nears often provide a final opportunity for those who have lost their way in life to make amends with the Lord and accept Him into their hearts.  Consider forming a hospital visitation outreach program to give good souls a final chance to know the Lord on earth before joining Him in the afterlife.

No one said being a parent is easy, but the examples we set for our children last a lifetime.  Every household should remember to include a place for God.

By involving yourself in your children's spiritual lives, you can help to shape happier more fulfilling futures.  God teaches us how to get along with each other.  He teaches us love and understand, and the Bible tells us exactly how to avoid trouble at home and in our relationships.

Becoming a minister is the highest calling.

Devoting one's life to the Lord is among the most rewarding experiences we can achieve.  Full acceptance of God into your life is a wonderful feeling.  Being able to share that gift with others takes it even further.

The Christian church desperately needs new ministers now more than ever.  In a world that has been losing its way, more ministers are needed to reinvigorate God's message in the lives of those who need Him most.

Our minister ordination outreach program recognizes committed followers of the Christian faith with Christian minister ordination.  Once a minister has been ordained through our church, he or she is granted the full religious authority to preach the word of God throughout every state in the United States of America.  Ordained ministers take on a leadership role in the community and become authorized to perform all religious ceremonies.