We are a non-denominational online Christian church founded on the beliefs and teachings of the Bible as the true Word of God.  The Bible guides us in all matters of faith and instructs our conduct during our time on Earth.

God, the Father, His son Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit form the Trinity that exist eternally to create, direct, and shape the ways our lives interact.  It is our duty to share the Word of God with others and to abide by His rules.  Our church works continuously in many ways to promote these virtues and we welcome you to join us in this quest.

The pillar of all society is community.

The Bible teaches us to love our neighbors.  It instructs us to form lasting bonds with those around us, to help those who are in need, and to spread the word of God to all who will open their hearts.  Modern society can make this more difficult than in times past.  We are separated by greater distances than when the world was less developed, and our busy schedules can interfere with how we prioritize our faith.

We strive to overcome these barriers in all ways possible, especially through the use of technology.  In many ways, technology has pulled our communities further apart, but just as Jesus turned a symbol of torture into a symbol of hope, we are using technology to strengthen our communities, even across vast distances.  The world is our neighborhood, and all of God's children are our neighbors.

Giving thanks and praise creates a virtuous cycle of prosperity.

God commands us to remember the sabbath to keep it holy.  On the 7th day He rested, and this day is reserved to remind us of His work.

When we give thanks for the gifts we have received, our gratitude enhances giving in even greater abundance.  Our faith in the Lord unites us in solidarity, it gives us strength, and it shows us the path of righteousness.  There are no evils that can inflict upon the faithful -- no temptation that can take hold.  We must always remember that God comes first.  It is our duty to worship Him and remain by His side in faith.

The Bible is a guidebook that leads us on a path of salvation.  Its wisdom is free to all those who will listen and learn.  No greater book of knowledge and power exists to mankind.

The teaching of the Bible provide a lifetime of wisdom to study and reflect upon.  The Bible is book of discovery.  Each of its teaching reveal new meaning to us in new ways, but only when we focus on absorbing its scripture and opening our souls to receive its message.  God guides us in life every step of the way.  This journey of discovery is just one of His great gifts.