Welcome to the Christian National Church.  At the CNC, we work to connect the world through our shared love of the Lord.  We believe that God calls upon ordinary people to do extraordinary things.  With the support of our dedicated staff and faithful members, we have been able to leverage the benefits of online community to build a thriving online Christian congregation for the modern world. Technology may change, but the glory of God will always remain.

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The Christian National Church is headquartered in Washington State. From here, and with the assistance of our support branch in Nicaragua, we maintain phone, e-mail, and postal mail contact with our members. We provide materials to our members such as reading materials, video products, and supplies while helping to guide them with our phone and e-mail support. Meetings at our land-based location(s) are by invitation-only.

Many ministers that we have ordained have chapels across the country where they perform services and spread the word of God. Our role is to support those ministers the best we can. Sermons on this site were either written by staff or were submitted by ordained ministers of our church.

Photos used on this site may include royalty-free stock photography. In all instances, applicable licenses have been purchased for use on this site.

God has an important plan for each of us.  Deep down, we all know that our lives are meant for big things.  Sometimes His plans are revealed to us when we least expect it.  In other cases, God waits until we are committed to discovering His path.

We all have the power to change the world, in small ways and in large ways.  When we join together, even greater things are possible...

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