Where is God? Is He always there when we need Him?

Where is God?! How could this happen to me? How could HE LET THIS HAPPEN?! Why wasn't he there for my grandmother when she was in the hospital? Why wasn't he there to stop the earthquake that killed all those Japanese? Where was God during the Boston Marathon? How come God is not at my side when I need him most?

If you've known someone you has said this during a tragedy, or if you yourself have uttered these words during a time of unimaginable suffering, you are not alone. When a terrible event happens in our lives, it's easy to ask why God let that happen. It's easy for us to want the answers, and it's sadly easy for us, even as faithful Christians, to blame God. Do not blame God. I'll say again, do not blame God. Ask God for mercy, pray to Him for a better world, but do not lose your faith and blame God.

God has a plan for you. You may have heard that many times before, but there is a good reason that it's repeated so frequently. God knows all. He has all the power, he works for us, but only according to His plan for us. In the end, if you have faith, if you trust him and try your best to live life as an ideal Christian, you will be fine. Take comfort in knowing that God is by your side, but he is not a concierge that is here to give you everything you need 24 hours per day. God has a grand plan for your life, and He intends to follow it.

The next time you see someone suffering, or you yourself are suffering and frantic for answers, remember that we live in God's world. God has a plan for you, a plan for me, and a plan for everyone else. Just remember that God loves you and take comfort that he's watching.