The importance of taking your family to church

Sunday is not an easy day to pry your family away from home to go to church. If you think about it, Sunday is not a convenient day to spend seated, listening to the Pastor, sometimes for hours. There are football and baseball games on the television, shopping trips to go on, movies to see, and countless other fun diversions. So why must we drag our family to church every Sunday? Why, Mom?! I want to stay at home!

Good question. The answer is that there are lots of reasons. There are more reasons than we can count, and many more reasons we can hardly comprehend. One answer is clear, though. Taking your family to church each weeks makes them happier, healthier, more wise, and more successful in life.

Church is a respite from our busy lives. It gives us a chance to listen, a chance to sing, and a chance to form community. We are given the opportunity to hear the word of God from the Pastor we come to respect, and we are given the opportunity to form relationships with people who share our faith and our sense of Christianity. It gives our children a chance to read and to study about our history, and it allows them to form friendships with good people.

Let's not forget, also. Church doesn't have to be boring! Church can be great fun if you embrace it. Make friends, join the choir, go on retreats, stay afterward for coffee and cookies. Invite church friends over for BBQs, have their kids come over to play with your kids, and soon enough they won't be "church friends", they'll just be "friends".

If you keep Christianity at the core of your family's lives, everything else will fall into place. Instead of having to try hard to form the family relationship you desire, your family will become stronger, just by hearing the word of God and embracing the Christian principles they are taught each week.

Church is also a great place to make important professional connections. Many of the best business relationships start with trust. If you are an employer or employee, or if you own your own business, church networks are wonderful places to turn.

See you in services on Sunday!